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Raised as an Air Force military brat, I later married a military service member in the Army.  I have traveled the world and the USA. 

I have worked in the field for a Petroleum geologist company in Ventura, California. Fished for salmon in Alaska on the Kenai peninsula. Worked for Pinkerton armed and unarmed security both stateside and in Germany for the University of Maryland on base, been a telephone operator, and later a police officer, worked as a stable hand for two prestigious stables in Oregon, which eventually led to the desire and ultimately owning land in Colorado.

I earned a Criminal Justice degree while working full time. Grew up a Star Trek, Star Wars fan, and later a fan of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Spent long nights listening to Art Bell on coast to coast and later George Noory. Love the unique aspects of the History channel.

I have two beautiful girls now grown with children of their own. I have seven intelligent, beautiful and inquisitive grandchildren. I live on the Eastern plains of Colorado with the company of my pup Sadie.


3 Years Writing

1 Completed Project

2 More Books Coming


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