Beginner’s Guide: AW Galactic Structure 101

Now with all that building new worlds and stuff, here’s a cheat sheet for how I built the galactic structure for the Anunnaki Wars series. Best enjoyed with the book of course! 

The highest Alliance in the Galaxy is the Council of Nine which many denizens call CON. This is made of nine other alliances throughout the galaxy normally associated within a sector of deep space made up of empires/kingdoms or domains. The Council of Nine consist of these nine Alliance and their short name from the most powerful to the least – Glaegrar (GG) tie breaking vote and control of The Holy Seer Temple of Radiance ghost walkers and guardians Galactic Interstellar Alliance (GIA) has a total of 5 votes – Merchant Guilds (MG) has a total of 4 votes – Free Empires Federation (FEF) has a total of 3 votes – Rital Alliance (RA) has a total of 2 votes – Peqinajia Federation (PF) has a total of 1 vote – Amphibious Alliance (AA) – has a total of 1 vote Frouuina Organization (FO) has a total of one vote – Free Solar Federation (FSF) – has a total of one vote. The Temple is the legal enforcement arm of the Council of Nine and for any Alliance that adheres to The Temples faith as well as their own forces.

The Council of Nine votes on the overall basic laws that rule throughout out the galaxy. There are exceptions to some galactic laws if a religion can prove the law interferes with its testaments of faith. The exemption is only valid within their Sphere of Influence of the lowest order, (Empires, Kingdoms and Domains) not throughout the higher Sphere of Influence (the alliance they are part of). They cannot use this exemption if it is proven the law they request an exemption to is not a long standard practice of their faith. Individuals may not use this exceptions if they move to a Sphere of Influence which by general practice does not follow their particular faith. Under those circumstances they must adhere to the Sphere of Influences of the adoptive Empire, Kingdom or Domain they have moved to though they may follow any testaments of their faith that is not in conflict with the adoptive Empire, Kingdom or Domain they move to. It is the responsibility of the one(s) who applie to move to another Empire, Kingdom or Domain to learn their respective laws and to agree to follow them. If they chose not to do so the Empire or Kingdom or Domain has ever right to prosecute them without regard to their religion of choice. The Council of Nine not only sets Galactic Laws they investigate any claims by the alliances or The Temple of those who break the laws and hold court on their findings as well as enforce the laws. Riders of the Solar Sailors are only required to follow the basic Galactic Laws and hold immunity from the individual Sphere of Influences Alliance laws. They follow their own set of laws within their pods.

The Alliances vote on the basic laws that rule throughout their Sphere of Influence (all the Empires, Kingdoms and Domains) within their Alliance. Every Empire, Kingdom and Domain within their Alliance sends to the main council an Envoy and Ambassador who can put a law for consideration forward, can vote on laws for consideration (exception is any laws they have put up for consideration they cannot vote on as they have a vested interest in the vote) they can plead for their Empire, Kingdom or Domain for any legal appeal between other Empires, Kingdoms and Domains within the Alliances Sphere of Influences. If it entails a legal provision between two alliances it must be taken to the Council of Nine to determine the rights of the complainants. Alliances must obey the common laws of the Galaxy determined by the Council of Nine. They have the right to vote for and on any law that is not a galactic law or they can vote to add a higher penalty to a standing galactic law within the Alliance. The Alliance is the only one that can sanction or set punishments of the Empires, Kingdoms and Domains if a complaint is brought before them of wrong doing by any Sphere of Influence. Or approve or disapprove or give a vote of no interference to any dispute between Empires at war with each other or even a civil war. They host the False Reality Games each year from those winners of the lower Spheres of Influence (Empires, Kingdoms and Domains). The Empire, Kingdom or Domain which takes first place will for the next Galactic Sar hold the title of Primer of the Alliance. Second place with hold the title of Empticius of the Tithe. Third place winner will hold the Title Praeceptor of Writs and Laws. So the False Reality games matter a lot as well as the first place winner being the one that sends an Envoy/Ambassador to represent the Alliance within the Council of Nine.

Empires, Kingdoms and Domains are the lowest Sphere of Influence within the Council of Nine. Each has their own style of government acceptable within the Alliance and the Council of Nine. Each can make their own laws which do not conflict with the Galactic Laws or the Alliance Laws. Can enforce and laws of theirs or the Alliances or the Council of Nine. They may maintain fleets and ground troops of warriors for their own protection or for when they might be called upon for the protection of or enforcement of the Alliance or Galactic Laws. Each Empire, Kingdom or Domain sets up their rules and regulations for them to compete at this level for who will represent them within the False Reality games of the Alliances or if they win represent them in the Council of Nine.

Non Deep Space faring Empire, Kingdoms and Domains are not included in any of the Alliances. Some Deep Space faring Empires, Kingdoms and Domain are not included as they either were turned down for inclusion for some reason or they refuse to acknowledge the authority of the Alliance or the Council of Nine. Intra Solar System Travel does not count towards Deep Space Faring. They must be capable of travel outside their own Sphere of Influence of their Solar System.

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