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“…C.S. Wade’s prose is exotic I enjoyed the invention of names and places and even the cycle of time…” – Ruffina, Reader’s Favorite (see full review below)


This story was a journey for me. Science fiction was an easy love but then I fell into reading one man’s life’s work regarding academia and Ancient Gods, which led my imagination to flow, thinking, what if this could be real? What if tales of rumored ancient civilizations and Gods held truth? How did it all fit together? It awoke something exciting; a story to somehow make the Ancient Gods become real, their history deeply intertwined with our history. I hope it takes you on a similar journey.


Ancient civilizations, legendary creatures, and a sinister enemy. History is not what you think it is.

Space battling empires, galactic gates, sword fights, mythical creatures and legendary races. Civilizations merge as a Queen unaware of who she is, a Prince thrown forward in time and an unbound enemy clash in a war set in motion by the Gods. Aidan, a Murian prince, awakens from a fiery crash in an unknown time. His people now legends fading into the mist of time; long forgotten.

Sent forward in time by an unknown force, he scours ancient books and temple walls to no avail seeking answers and a way back. Whispers of foul deeds and unspeakable acts proliferate as death spills across galactic civilizations. Rider merchants, impressed to the gargantuan deep space creatures called Solar Sailors, carry tales of horrific attacks upon peaceful citizens as they travel the great energy currents delivering goods.

The Council of Nine requests the High Temple to send Ghost Walkers, powerful and mysterious priests and priestesses, to investigate. The oldest race, the Igigi, blamed for the deeds. What they discover is an elusive and savage enemy pitting empire against empire, precipitating war, and anarchy. At the center of this maelstrom is a sinister and secret society which seeks control of the Anunnaki Empire. Blood will flow as the wrath of war rises and betrayal destroys powerful allies. This anarchy forces the young queen Jynnalt to sacrifice for love, house, and empire.

How can an ancient Prince, and an untried Queen hope to triumph against one of the most insidious forces arrayed against the galaxy since the time of the powerful and legendary Phoenix Queens? Full of mystery, intrigue, romance, and adventure. The rise and fall of powerful alliances fill the pages of this magnificent saga. Anunnaki Wars an epic series sure to delight Science Fiction/Fantasy/Ancient Aliens fans everywhere.

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Reader’s Favorite Review

“Phoenix Rising by C.S. Wade is a spellbinding opening in the Anunnaki Wars series, an action-packed sci-fi story with phenomenal characters. A poem written by an anonymous Malkuth five hundred sars ago could be a prophecy, one of the most sacred texts in the temple and one not available to the public. A strong, yet elusive enemy has set his eyes on the Anunnaki Empire and to have it, come what may. Powerful armies rise against each other, bloodshed and anarchy punctuate the daily life of the people. Can the Council of Nine and the High Temple of the Seer of Radiance find the wisdom to halt the carnage? It is against this backdrop that a young warrior queen and two brothers will fight for their people, but with the enemy growing stronger by the day and becoming more cunning, what chances do they have of beating him? 

The narrative begins action and against a setting that is so beautifully imagined and captured with vivid images. C.S. Wade’s prose is exotic I enjoyed the invention of names and places and even the cycle of time. I love sci-fi that reinvents the world and creates a unique civilization and the author knows how to do this. The plot with array of characters, skillfully developed. The author balances exciting narrative and fascinating dialogues with breathtaking descriptions of scenes, characters, and elements of the setting. The reader can follow the cinematic action in their mind and they can easily see the characters. The atmospheric writing and the ability to paint images in the minds of readers make this story even more enjoyable. Phoenix Rising is a great book for fans of sci-fi, a story that is transporting and hugely entertaining.”                                                      

-Ruffina Oserio